February 2007

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Here’s a few basic dieting and exercise truths that anyone who wants to lose weight should know. Some of them go counter to traditional wisdom or current dieting hype, but the facts support them. Read them all, and then reconsider how you want to diet next time (after your current diet fails).

Sometimes it seems that practical advice has died. Get-rich-quick schemes have become as common as they are ineffective, with everyone pitching the easy path. These eight steps provide a straightforward, realistic path to reaching your goals. These steps won’t provide any easy fixes, but if you want advice that actually works, read on.

The law of attraction and The Secret are bunk. I’ll say it again: The Secret is complete bunk. Based on the comments to my latest post, some people disagree, think I missed the point, or think I did a poor job articulating exactly why it shouldn’t be taken seriously. So, here’s a small list of reasons (out of many) that The Secret is retarded.

Let me break down The Secret for you. Basically, there’s this “secret” that’s been kept from you. World leaders have suppressed it since the dawn of civilization. The world leaders use it, even abuse it, refusing to share its great “power,” while the ignorant masses grind their way through their lives. And if you spend $29.95 on the DVD, the secret will change your life.

It sometimes seems that bathing has become a lost art among the technically-minded. That’s a real shame, because there’s no reason you can’t program hidden Markov models and also smell like a bed of roses. Here’s some basic advice to get you smelling fresh again.

This is a companion to Bathing Tips for the Smelly Masses. It was a little long to leave in the main article. Its lessons are nonetheless important if you are thinking about going down the dangerous path of colognes and perfumes.

Here’s the deal: I’m judging you based on appearances, and so is everyone else. Not only is it happening, but I argue that it should happen, that it’s right to judge people based on appearances. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s unfair, or you think I’m a cold-hearted ass. You can get up in arms if you want, but it won’t affect anything.

February 10th, 2007

What do all productive people have in common? They’ve all followed the same simple advice we’ve heard over and over: Do something you love. It sounds so simple that it hardly seems worth mentioning, but it’s absolutely fundamental to productivity.

Yesterday I submitted my 9 resume tips to Reddit (post). I was unprepared for the onslaught of traffic. My traffic jumped from about zero visitors the day before to something like 9000 in only a few hours. For the most part, the server handled it. There were a lot of comments (some good, some bad), [...]

February 8th, 2007

I’ve already posted 9 obvious resume rules. Here’s four more “bonus” rules, that might not be quite as obvious.