Sick of the lack of posts? Bored with some of the most “recent” ones? Yeah, me too. I’ve had a lot of people (okay, a few friends) ask me why I haven’t been updating lately. I’ve got an answer for that. If you thought some of the posts I made were rather boring, I might have an response for that, too.

A Problem of Motivation

Believe it or not, lack of material hasn’t been a problem. Lack of material I care about has been a problem. I’ve got twenty-some-odd drafts in various states of completion, and dozens more topic ideas written in a notebook. But I just don’t care enough about most of the topics to finish them, so I haven’t, and I won’t.

When I first started this site, I thought I would enjoy writing about personal development and especially personal finance. It turns out that I don’t. There are some personal development and finance topics that I have enjoyed (and will enjoy) writing about, but for the most part, I don’t have the dedication and desire to write about this stuff regularly. And that comes through in the writing. My posts about goals and finance and such haven’t been nearly as well received as my more off-the-cuff posts about programming, or resume tips, or even the secret. The truth is that posts that I wrote to be interesting were just boring. The posts I wrote because I was interested were fun.

Lack of Time

I frankly haven’t had a lot of time to dedicate to this site. Each post I put up takes three hours, minimum, and many of them take considerably longer. Maybe that means I’m a slow writer. Either way, it’s just too much time to put into posts I don’t care about.

I’m working a full-time job, and I’ve been enrolled in graduate classes constantly since I started this site. Those take priority over this site, and always will.

My girlfriend (now fiancée) has been living about seven hours away for the past year, which means I spend quite a few of my weekends traveling to see her. Other weekends are spent when she comes to see me. I also spend a decent bit of time on the phone through the week. This is not the primary reason I stopped posting, but it has contributed. My fiancée takes priority above this site. Way, way above this site.

I’m not looking to excuse the fact that I haven’t been posting. I’m just saying this is how it is.

What the Future Holds

So, we’ve established that I have neither the motivation nor the time to post here frequently. What does that mean for the future of this site? For starters, I’m only writing about things I’m interested in from now on. No more posts that I write just because I think others might be interested. I write for me. If others like it, great. If not, great.

When will I write? Who knows. Maybe once every week or two. Maybe never. I’m not going to make any promises about posting. Every time I see someone do that, they make themselves into liars by disappearing again. I’m not doing that. Without promising anything, I will say that my plan is to post occasionally, a couple of times per month, at most. So if you check in once in a while, you might might find some new posts. If we’re both lucky, they might even be interesting.

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