June 23rd, 2008

I accepted a new job in Silicon Valley recently. The short version is that I am now gainfully employed with Yahoo. The long version will be arriving in several parts. Look for part one soon.

The first part will cover the reasons we (my fiancĂ©e and myself) chose Silicon Valley, along with the beginning of the job hunt, the resume, etc., depending on how long I let the post get. Some later posts will describe the interview process, offers, salary and benefits negotiation, and relocation. This will take a while, but stay tuned if you’re interested in more information about the process I went through to get a job in Silicon Valley, or if you’re interested in hearing another opinion about Google and Yahoo’s interview process.

2 Comments on “New Job”

  1. William Furr Says:

    I’m quite interested to read this series. Glad you’re posting on Former Slacker again.

  2. spark Says: