January 9th, 2007

FormerSlacker.com is a semi-frequently updated site (rarely updated as of late), dedicated to not being such a slacker. I post about pretty much whatever I want, with posts ranging from programming topics to resume writing. It’s a pretty strange mix, and that’s not likely to change.

About the Author

I am a 26 year old programmer working a full-time job while also working toward my Ph.D. I originally created this site because I have struggled, and still struggle, with being productive. I feel I’m not alone in this. I have times when I’m a one-man army. Other times, I feel as if days go by without accomplishing anything productive at all. I want the productive times to increase, and the nonproductive times to decrease. I am not yet a former slacker, but I hope some day to be.

I believe success comes from hard work and good luck. Since there’s little we can do about luck, we should focus our efforts on hard work. To that end, my posts are intended to be straightforward and practical. Rather than “willing” or “manifesting” change, I believe change comes from hard work over time. If we work hard, and we are also lucky, we will be rewarded with success in our endeavors.

I intend to use this site to get some (hopefully good) ideas out of my head. I’ve got internal conversations rolling around constantly, and this gives me somewhere to vent them. Hopefully, what I write down will be helpful to others as well. Putting ideas in writing helps to internalize them, so writing these articles should also help me to stay productive.

I doubt the writing practice will hurt me, either.

Where to Start

I’d suggest starting with the blog home page, where you can find the most recent posts, along with a list of categories. Alternatively, you might wish to try out the archives page, which has a list of all the posts so far, or the categories page, which has a list of all posts, sorted by category.