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The law of attraction and The Secret are bunk. I’ll say it again: The Secret is complete bunk. Based on the comments to my latest post, some people disagree, think I missed the point, or think I did a poor job articulating exactly why it shouldn’t be taken seriously. So, here’s a small list of reasons (out of many) that The Secret is retarded.

Let me break down The Secret for you. Basically, there’s this “secret” that’s been kept from you. World leaders have suppressed it since the dawn of civilization. The world leaders use it, even abuse it, refusing to share its great “power,” while the ignorant masses grind their way through their lives. And if you spend $29.95 on the DVD, the secret will change your life.

Our emotions drive us, whether we like it or not. Logic and reason always seem to take a back seat to anger, resentment, or jealousy. Unfortunately, we often fail to realize this, and never to good effect.