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November 17th, 2008

I’ve been using a credit card for several years. For the past two years in particular, I’ve put everything I could on my American Express Blue Cash card. The card’s cash back benefits are pretty good, and it seems at first like there’s no reason not to take advantage of the free money. As of [...]

Sometimes it seems that practical advice has died. Get-rich-quick schemes have become as common as they are ineffective, with everyone pitching the easy path. These eight steps provide a straightforward, realistic path to reaching your goals. These steps won’t provide any easy fixes, but if you want advice that actually works, read on.

The law of attraction and The Secret are bunk. I’ll say it again: The Secret is complete bunk. Based on the comments to my latest post, some people disagree, think I missed the point, or think I did a poor job articulating exactly why it shouldn’t be taken seriously. So, here’s a small list of reasons (out of many) that The Secret is retarded.

Let me break down The Secret for you. Basically, there’s this “secret” that’s been kept from you. World leaders have suppressed it since the dawn of civilization. The world leaders use it, even abuse it, refusing to share its great “power,” while the ignorant masses grind their way through their lives. And if you spend $29.95 on the DVD, the secret will change your life.

Why not just stop? Instead of writing down every expense, or saving every receipt, or always paying cash, why not stop trying so hard to keep up with all our expenses? What happens if we stop watching our expenses constantly?

Unlike only paying in cash, I feel that writing down every expense is somewhat reasonable. However, I feel it is also less than optimal. Let’s face it, writing down every single expense is inconvenient.

January 25th, 2007

The idea behind always pay cash is that it hurts to hand someone else your money, and therefore, you’ll spend less. I agree that it hurts to hand someone money, but it doesn’t matter much whether it’s paper or plastic. The other premise of always paying cash is that if you don’t have the money, you won’t spend it. This is a particularly poor argument. Keeping track of my finances means I already know how much I have, whether it’s in the bank or in my wallet.